Monday, January 2, 2012


It could be DSLR, SLR, POINT-AND-SHOT, cameras - red eye shot is a matter at steak. It annoys not just the photographer but the subjects themselves most specially.

So what causes it?

"...The red eye effect is caused by a direct reflection from a flash off of the back of a human retina. Essentially, because most built in flash units are just an inch or two from the lens, the flash sends light which is bounced from the back of the human retina, and reflects straight back into the lens of the camera. This reflection comes across in images as a red color, thus creating the red eye effect." (

Tips to eliminate red eye:

• RED-EYE REDUCTION SETTING. Check your camera with the Red-Eye Reduction Setting and then do the as instructed. Most new releases has this feature.

• FLASH REDIRECTION. Redirect the flash from the subject to a little bit of either the side or the ceiling. But since most cameras wont give you this, a little help from separate flash unit will greatly help. Use flash with the (sometimes portable) strobe redirected a little away from the subject all the way to the ceiling or downwards.

• FLASH-LESS. Or better yet, don't use flash at all. With all the dexterity that you can muster try capturing few shots courtesy of some brilliant tweaks of your cameras ISO, aperture and shutter speed.


Sunday, January 1, 2012


• A best camera lens (DSLRs and others) can withstand frequent beating (accidental of course). It can drop few feet away from your hands and can bounce back like nothing happened.

• It might not necessarily be inexpensive, but if you have this lens as if a Gennie gave it to you then you are a few lucky clickers around. Oftentimes, logic dictates that the more the lens gets the high quality the higher the tag price is.

• One good indication of a best lens is that you have to buy it like once every 10 to fifteen years.

• A best quality lens must exceed the warranty period it gives.

• A best quality lens after shredding money out of your purse will (depends on you) give back what was lost. It abides with you in your money-making venture without much of the breakage that often sees the warranty shops.